ClickIntensity Update 062716

We have just been informed of some amazing updates that are going on behind the scenes on Click Intensity not least the introduction of Gold coin tasks. If your unsure what Gold coin tasks are , they are tasks that FREE members can complete in order to earn gold coins which can then go on […]

260616 THW Global Review Added

Hi guys, This is just a friendly notice that we have now added a THW Global review to our site. If your interested in finding out more about THW Global, and our view on the business opportunity then please click the Image below. You will also see one of our friends recorded webinar on the […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Check out my friends

Guys, There are so many people who are still sitting on the fence about joining what I believe really is the #1 Online Business Opportunity for 2016/17. It is so frustrating knowing that so many people are not taking action and getting involved because they really are leaving money on the table and its money […]

ClickIntensity PayPal

Clickintensity adpack with Paypal

Lots of people are still unsure of how to make purchase of Adpacks using Paypal through Click Intensity, in fact many people are not even aware that Paypal can be used to purchase adpacks in Click Intensity. After the fiasco with other rev share sites, Click Intensity thought long and hard about how to learn […]

Click Intensity Text Ad Tracking

Hi guys I have just published a new video on YouTube regarding the Text ad exchange on Click Intensity. There are constant posts in the Click Intensity Facebook group regarding peoples text ads NOT being viewed, when the actual problem is people NOT keeping up to date on site optimizations and updates. The Text ad […]

ClickIntensity PayPal

ClickIntensity PayPal Update 060916

More great news for the new and prospective users of Click Intensity today, Nick Johnson CEO of Click Intensity has just released a very short but very welcome update on the Click Intensity Facebook Group Page, and it goes as follows: PayPal Daily Limits Increased To $150/Day Now i.e now you can purchase up to […]

Traffic Link King site reviews

1pack net review

Hi guys, Just to let you know that we have a new site we are reviewing listed in the Under Review section of our site. The Site being reviewed in currently in Pre-Launch stage and officially launches on June 20th. As always we have given as much information as possible and also my own opinion […]

How is your financial future looking

How is your financial future looking? If you are like most people then you probably only have 12 maybe 52 credits into your bank account every single year (depending on your wage pay cycle) and like most people you will have thousands more debits from your account than credits into it. The average American wage […]

Act Fast Click Intensity Sponsor Change 060516

Are you registered on Click intensity? Have you registered under “cicompany” (you can check by logging into your account and in the top right corner of the page, click on your username and then click on “Sponsor Details”, this will bring a popup into view that looks like the image below and will have your […]

Newsletter Subscription Update

Hi all, You my have noticed that you have received an email suggesting that you have “Just subscribed” to the Traffic Link King site, This is NOT an error and IS from us. We have been working in the background to make the site more user friendly and this has meant migrating subscribers from one […]