Is Traffic Monsoon Back

Well…… NO it is not. Which many people are genuinely upset by, but wait…… What’s this over the horizon? is it?, can it be? well it looks like it….. It works like it…. but no surely not, surely someone hasn’t cloned the Traffic Monsoon website, changed the name and are hoping that all will be […]

Click Intensity KYC Security Update

Well guys, we knew it was coming and earlier today it arrived, After much hard work by the Tech team behind Click Intensity, the KYC security process has been implemented. If you don’t know what KYC is, it stands for Know Your Customers, Basically it is an advanced level of security to help prevent against […]

THWGlobal UPDATE 080716

THWGlobal UPDATE 080716 Well guys it has been a while since I have updated this page for a very good reason….. There hasn’t been anything to update you with. However today is the day that a lot of people have been waiting for, although it NOT the full launch, THWGlobal HAVE now launched their Video […]