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Omnia and Armenian President

At the beginning of March 2018 one of my online business partners came to me with a new business opportunity called Omnia, “an opportunity not to be missed”, he said, “a Company with such growth there seems very little that can stop it” he said…

“I’ve heard it all before” I said, “What makes this one so different from the others”?.

“just take a look” he said…

So I did and this is what I found…

The original Omnia Tech website domain (“”) was registered on July 31st, 2017, it has since been changed as of April 2018 to “” after they commissioned the Gara Group to revamp the website.

The Gara Group seem to be pretty big players in the website development field having completed projects for some large companies.

Omnia Tech operate in the cryptocurrency MLM niche and although, unlike MLM companies such as “Skinny Body Care” or “Jeunesse” which provide physical products, Omnia Tech provide crypto mining packages to its members along with an MLM style commission plan.

Prior to December 2017, Omnia were partnered with Genesis Mining, a company who also offered Mining packages with an MLM style commission plan. Robert Velghe (Omnia CEO) publicly posted a video explaining that although they were partnered with Genesis Mining, they were now going it alone.

This video will explain it easier than I will..

As you can see from that video, Omnia felt that it was financially more viable for them to procure the equipment themselves and this decision has seen huge growth for the company.

In the months following this announcement, Omnia have seen rapid growth, in fact they are growing at such a rate, that they are able to now be operating 4 mining farms, 3 in Sweden and 1 in Austria.

A group of omnia leaders were invited to the mining farm in sweden and austria in februari 2018. This is a short compilation made by one of the omnia leader

In recent months Omnia have procured a location in Armenia which is billed to be the largest mining farm in the world.

Largest Crypto Currency Mining Farm In The World To Be Built In Armenia – $2 Billion To Be Invested

Quite simply (should you not wish to read that short article) Omnia are said to have been welcomed into Armenia by the Armenian President and it has been disclosed that Omnia will be working with the Armenian Government to help facilitate the countries very own “Silicon Valley”

This is a short video of the Armenia Premier Mr. Serzh Sargsyan, who made a special appearance to inspect the facility.

OK, so by now you should have a clear indication of the company itself, and if you are still reading then I am guessing you want to get to the nitty gritty, so here we go..

The Opportunity:

Since the website was updated last month (April 2018) there have been some significant changes, rather than point out every change, I will just give you the details as they are NOW, as the past details are now defunct.

Omnia currently offer Crypto mining packages for the following currencies:

Bitcoin, Dash and Ethereum (the prices for each mining contract on each currency is below.




For each mining contract you purchase, you are rewarded with “hash power”

what is hash power

The more hash power the company has, the more blocks it can mine, which in turn means the more Bitcoin, Dash or Ethereum it is rewarded. This works the same for your own mining contracts, the more hash power you own, the more you will be rewarded daily.

5 Things to Note about the Omnia Mining Contracts

  1. Omnia provide lifetime contracts for all available cryptocurrencies in their mining catalogue. However, results are not always guaranteed as it depends on many variables such as mining difficulty, USD exchange rates, and maintenance fee which includes electricity cost, general network infrastructure maintenance, cooling and servicing cost. Therefore Omnia cannot control the cryptocurrencies mining difficulty or the exchange rate as it is unpredictable, but they do have the resource and the expertise to sustain the maintenance cost and are always implementing the latest technology to ensure that the best service is available for its members.
  2. There is no contract time specified on Omnia Bitcoin or Altcoin packages as they provide lifetime contracts. Your mining contract will run until it becomes unprofitable. At which point, they will automatically reassign your remaining hash power to the next available profitable coin.
  3. Omnia do not charge any additional transaction fees other than what is being charged by the miners.
  4. Purchases from Omnia come with a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period, this is an essential part of the business as it means that if for any reason you change your mind you are able to cancel your purchase, this also ensures that they supply a legal service.
  5. Omnia mining packs are currently not available to purchase in the USA, they have decided not to cover this market because of the restrictions that the SEC and governing bodies put in place.

Why is this important to note? Well, it means that unlike many other mining contract providers, there are no hidden costs, nothing that will surprise you when it comes to “getting your hands on your earnings”. Being that they reassign any hash power onto another more profitable currency is the chosen currency becomes unprofitable, means that you should consistently see good daily earnings from your mining contract.

Due to the ever-changing difficulty of the mining algorithms, and that it would be illegal for them to suggest a guaranteed daily earning amount, the earning are therefore based on many factors but you can get an idea of what you could potentially earn using this mining profitability calculator.

Please note that

  • Hashing Power should reflect that which is shown in the pricing tables above (MH/S or GH/S depending on the currency you wish to mine)
  • Power consumption, Cost per KWh ($) and Pool Fee (%) should remain at ‘0’ (Zero) as these costs are taken into account already.
  • Your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly profits will then be displayed

It is important to remember that this is a GUIDE and is not 100% accurate due to the many variables (see the disclaimer at the bottom of the mining profitability calculator page)

Compensation Plan:

Omnia provides its affiliates with 6 ways to earn through their “Prosperity and Rewards” compensation plan


Omnia provide lifetime contracts for all available cryptocurrencies in their mining catalogue. However, profit is not guaranteed as it depends on variables such as mining difficulty, exchange rates, maintenance fees, electricity, general network infrastructure maintenance, cooling and servicing costs. While Omnia cannot control cryptocurrencies mining difficulty or the exchange rate, they have the resources and the expertise to control operations costs. Moreover, they always integrate the latest technology to ensure that the best service is available for its members.

There is no contract time specified on Bitcoin or Altcoins packages as Omnia provide a lifetime service. The mining contracts will run until no longer profitable. In which case, they will automatically assign your remaining hash power to the next available profitable coin, and will do so for as long as cryptocurrency mining remains viable. Omnia do not charge any additional transaction fees other than what is being charged by the miners.


As an OMNIA IBO you have the right to offer their exclusive Cryptocurrency mining packages and earn a 10% commission on the business volume (BV) from every package sold! There is no limit to how many packages you can sell and no cap on the amount of income you can earn! The packages range from $100 to $25,000 and those commissions are paid weekly!*

omnia levels

*Income stated should not be considered as guaranteed or projections of actual earnings. As with other independent business, success results from dedicated sales effort, hard work, and diligence. You will receive the Direct Sales Bonus on every package sold (that generates BV) that you personally sponsored in the first 90 days after your registration date.


Weekly team commissions are designed to reward you for helping and supporting those who join your organization. You can earn 10% from the total business volume (BV) of your lesser leg. The more you help them succeed, the more you earn.* To become Qualified for these earnings, simply be Active and sponsor two IBO’s, one in each leg, who purchase at least 80 BV to be Active. Once you have accumulated a minimum of 500 BV on your right leg and 500 BV on your left leg, you have created one “cycle” and you will earn $50.

Depending on the mining package you have!*
Omnia Volume


Once you become a Pearl, you can earn weekly Leadership Matching Bonuses on the Team Commissions of your personally sponsored IBO’s and the team they create. Every person you personally sponsor creates a new line of sponsorship, and you can earn this bonus on up to six levels of sponsorship in each line! Every time someone in your personal team earns a team commission cycle, you could earn a Matching Bonus! The chart below shows the percentage of matching bonuses you can receive for each level, as you progress through the ranks!
Omnia Rank Percentages


Once you become a Sapphire, you can begin earning a monthly Team Volume Bonus! As long as you reach the rank, and each of your personal teams from both legs of your binary tree meet the corresponding volume goals for that month, you will earn the bonus!

Take a look at the chart below to see what bonuses you can earn for meeting the volume totals needed, based on your rank!*
Omnia Volume Bonus
Omnia Volume Example


As your business grows, you will have the opportunity to meet various sales and team building milestones that the company has designed to recognize your achievements and status within the company. There are 9 ranks and many bonuses and rewards to keep you busy and satisfied for years to come!
Omnia Rank Advanment
Omnia rank rewards
Omnia Rank Qualifications

Download the full Omnia compensation plan


Omnia 3 simple steps

So as you can see, The Omnia Crypto Mining Company really seems making waves in the industry and with the potentially incredible compensation plan this is an opportunity that thousands of people are joining every week.


As with ALL online earning platforms, caution should always be taken, there are a myriad of scams out there and many are difficult to spot, which leads unsuspecting marketers like you to losing money, sometime lots of money so you should always do your own due diligence before making any commitment.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, being still a relatively new concept are both frowned upon and encouraged by different Governments, which makes it very hard to know whether the company is capable of being a long-term addition to your portfolio.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies themselves can not be governed as it is designed to be unregulated, this is both good and bad depending on where you stand but it does make it almost impossible to ‘claw-back’ any funds you have invested if the company is in fact built as a scam.

Omnia Mining DO have a huge member base, they seem to be happy to share information with its members and also its clear that they HAVE been in Armenia and met with the President, who took a tour of the mining facility, This in itself is a good thing. I don’t think a country’s President would associate themselves with a company that they have not had their people check out, which leads to believe that Omnia have something stable and potentially long-term.

However, countries such as the U.S. and Canada see things differently, whether this is the Governments way of keeping its people under their rule, or they are genuinely concerned about their citizens, is debatable in my opinion.

Bitcoin and the blockchain was designed to give the power back to the people and allow them to be in control of their own wealth, which some Governments don’t like and so this causes the Governments of those countries to issue statements preventing citizens from participating this is well document in the U.S.

I cannot tell you and I will not tell you that Omnia is a guarantee, nor can I tell you or will I tell you that they will be around for the long haul, but what I can tell you is that I DID decide to register and trial them to see if they were worth further investment and from my own personal experience of Omnia, they have not yet failed to deliver on my expectations. Just remember to look at your risk reward ratio before committing.

I started with the Kickstarter package at a cost of $500 + $49 one time set up fee and have earned daily almost exactly what the Mining Profitability Calculator showed I would earn. With a small team of partners, I can tell you that the commissions are being paid per the companies Disbursement package too.

It is my honest opinion that most companies who offer commission structures as large as this one, struggle to fulfill that promise due to needing more people joining and fresh money coming in. This then turns the business into a Ponzi, where new customers are needed to pay older customers.

However with Bitcoin Mining, the potential profits from the value increases can, if worked correctly, be sufficient to cover those disbursements. You should also understand that Crypto values can drop significantly too, which can have an adverse effect. Again, if the company is using their brains, then they can restrict the damage caused by big drops in value by cashing out to fiat currency at the right time before or at the start of a market correction and then buy again when the value drops,. This will then allow the company to buy more of that currency at a lower value and then when the value increases again, they will have made a hansom profit.

There are many factors you should take into account when deciding whether to join ANY online business, one of those factors is to never base your decision off of a single review as this is simply the writers own opinion of that opportunity.

This review I have written in a way that I hope shows both the benefits and pitfalls of such a company, this was never written as a positive or negative review, simply a review of the facts.

If you decide that Omnia is a bit to risky for you then that’s cool, I never recommend that people part with any cash unless they are fully aware of what they are getting involved in, I also never recommend that you part with more money than you can afford to lose. You should be fully aware of the potential loses you could sustain along with the potential for earning an income.

If you decide that you wish to join Omnia yourself and give it a go and you decide to register on our team as a partner then you can do so by clicking the image below, we have a Facebook group which is filled with a lot of people who are involved, you can as questions get to find out what others think and also get to stay updated with company news.

Either way what ever you decide to do, I wish you success and profitability.

Omnia Logo


Are you a member of Omnia already? Let us know about your own experiences, good or bad in the comments below.

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