Solo Ads What Are They And How Do I Use Them

solo ads

Lets first start with the obvious question… What are Solo Ads?

Well, A solo ad is a one time email blast that you buy from a vendor that has created their own email “list” of people they have collected. Put simply, some internet marketers will accept payment in exchange for sending an email you have written to their mailing list.

Now we need to be clear, this IS NOT a purchase of an email list for you to use, this is simply YOU paying another person to send YOUR offer to THEIR email list.

This can be beneficial in a number of ways not least because it saves you time building your own email list, which in some cases can take a long time to achieve the size of lists that some of the Solo Ad sellers already have, also, most solo ad sellers will have an established relationship with their email list of trust and value, which means that your ad may be better received by the members of their list.

Before buying a Solo ad, it is recommended that you at least have an email swipe copy that you want to have sent out. Email swipes can be tough to write as they need to be relatively short, straight to the point AND have great call to actions to get readers to take the action you require, That could be to buy something from you or register on a new site.

Unfortunately some solo ad sellers are less scrupulous and so you will need to verify the Solo ad seller before you use them as you could well be wasting time AND more importantly money and as an internet marketer myself the last thing I want to see is any of the members of my site losing out.

You also need to ensure that Solo ads are the right choice for your business. You need to know some basic metrics about the offer you are promoting. In short, this is the same as calculating your cost of acquisition to make a sale. How much is traffic really worth to you?

To begin, you need to have three pieces of information:

  • What goal completion do you want to occur?
  • How much is that goal completion worth to you?
  • At what rate does that goal completion occur?

For instance, let’s suppose you are promoting an affiliate offer. Each time you sell that $79 offer, you earn a commission of $39.50. For every 1000 targeted visitors you get to your offer page, 47 will purchase the offer, giving you an effective conversion rate of 4.7%.

You now know that every 1000 targeted visitors you get to your offer page is worth $1856.50. To put it simply, so long as you can buy targeted traffic at less than $1.85 per visitor, you will be profitable. Similarly, you will be profitable so long as you keep your marketing spend under $39.50 for every 21.3 targeted visitors.

However In some instances, the goal may be to gain a new subscriber to your own mailing list. In this case, you need to know how much a new email subscriber is worth to your business. Those who cannot calculate the value of an email subscriber with absolute certainty should avoid using solo ads to build their mailing list.

Solo ads are normally sold using one of two pricing models:

  1. Fixed Price
  2. Performance-Based

Fixed price solo ads simply means that you will pay a set price in exchange for a specific number of emails to be sent out. Although many reputable sellers offer fixed prices, this is the most common way that new internet marketers get scammed. They focus on the number of emails being sent, rather than the volume of opens, click-thru’s, and conversions.

If you are new to internet marketing, I recommend you only purchase solo ads available on a performance-based pricing model. These solo ads are priced based upon the number of:

  • opens
  • click-thru’s
  • conversions

You will certainly pay more for a performance-based solo ad, but you are also guaranteeing your results.

Buy Solos That Deliver Sales Guaranteed

Where do I buy Solo Ads?

There are many places to buy solo ads from on the internet and most have mixed reviews, so I would never tell you which to use and which NOT to use, this will have to be a choice you make, however I can tell you about my own results using various solo ad seller sites.

My first choice for Solo ads is Although it has mixed reviews between internet marketers I have had positive experiences with I will speak more about below.

The second choice The Warrior Forum, this is a huge site full of Internet Marketing Content, Copy writing Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing Product and a lot more and I highly recommend joining to help you grow your business with more than just solo ads but the Warrior Forum Solo Ad section is very good, with every seller getting important feed back on the purchase of other members and the member are very helpful.

The worlds largest Marketplace for services starting at $5

Then there is, although you can get some great deals, it can also be very costly if you chose the wrong Solo Ad seller and so you should ALWAYS go through every review and see who your dealing with before parting with any money.

OK so lets now talk about (my #1 choice for Solo ads)

Anyone can join and it is FREE to register, but its advisable that you make sure you have a product, a referral link or a website to promote in your solo ad email, does not sell products, they simply offer a platform for you to find solo ad sellers to sell your own product, service or business. If you have your own large list then you can become a solo ad seller yourself on and then charge others to use your own list.

Now before you start using you will need to fund your account, this can be as little as $25 or as much or more than $500 however for your first campaigns I would suggest something in the region of about $100 and you can always increase this as you start to make sales or see the referrals come in.

Now you will remember above I mentioned email swipe copy? the content of your solo ad? well this is probably the most important part of your solo ad campaign, if your sales copy is crap then you will get crap conversions its as simple as that. Now you can either write your email swipe copy yourself if you feel comfortable and confident enough to do so, you can get email swipe copy from copy writers of (In have used this option myself) or you can pay people in to write the email swipe copy for you, this WILL be at an additional charge but is a relatively small charge when considering the potential money you could be earning. Remember that people who own the list, know the list better than you and so they will know what converts and what does not, so this is a great idea to get them to rite the email swipe copy for you.

As a best practice, a swipe should have a strong call to action. It should link to just one page, and the entire purpose of the copy should be to encourage a click on that link. In short copy, that link should be included twice – once towards the middle and once at the end. In long copy, include that link in three places – at the beginning, middle, and end.

If possible, use a tracking link in your swipe. Do this to keep your seller honest. If he or she sells you a set number of clicks, you should have the ability to verify that those clicks were accurately delivered. This can be as simple as using a link tracking site like to keep an eye on the progress of URL you want clicked.

Assuming you have a method for tracking the source of goal completions, such as Google Analytics, compare the results of your solo ad to your typical conversion rate (if you have one). If your typical conversion rate is 4.7%, and you generated 1000 click-thru’s, you should expect to see 47 or more sales resulting from your solo ad.

If your solo ad resulted in a conversion rate below normal, it may be due to a number of factors:

  • Did the seller provide authentic click-thru’s, or were they generated through bots?
  • Was your solo ad delivered to a targeted list who would have interest in your offer?
  • Was the content of your swipe consistent with what the user found after clicking your link?

These, along with numerous other factors, could contribute to a lower conversion rate than you would have normally expected.

Nonetheless, the ultimate measure of your success is by looking at your return on investment. If you earned more on the click-thru’s received than it cost to generate them, your solo advertising campaign was a success. For instance, if you spent $500 on your solo ad, resulting in $790 in affiliate commissions, you were profitable.

Solo ads can be an extremely effective way to almost instantly generate traffic. Further, they are a common means of promoting a short-term offer, including many affiliate programs. And once you have found a seller that can deliver a consistent and profitable number of click-thru’s to your page, you can scale your solo advertising efforts to the extent of your available cash flow.

On the other hand, if you are working with a limited budget, you may find that solo advertising done on a smaller scale will not return a large enough response to fairly measure its efficiency or efficacy. Additionally, because not all internet users are thrilled to receive sales offers by email, you may find that extensive solo advertising can cast your brand in a negative light.

Although buying solo ads may be faster than building an organic following, it certainly will be more expensive in the long run. Give careful consideration to your budget prior to buying a solo ad and generally only use them as and when you need to and don’t rely on them for a permanent marketing plan. In many situations, you will find that you can get a better return on investment from Facebook ads or Google AdWords.

Buy Solos That Deliver Sales Guaranteed

The worlds largest Marketplace for services starting at $5

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