YouTube Hijacking Piggyback Off Other Peoples Success

youtube Hijacking

YouTube Hijacking (legal and legit)

Here is another great method to build up your referrals inside your Business Opportunity

YouTube Hijacking

There are 1,000,000’s of YouTube videos displayed every day and here is how YOU can benefit from them.

We have seen videos with millions of views yet there are no links to websites or blogs, nothing! As long as this is not your video wasting views , do not panic

This is your sign to step in and make them an offer so you can have YOUR Business Opportunity website link at the bottom of their video.

This is known as YouTube hijacking.

Let us explain how you can use it to build leads to your website or blog.

We have known many Network marketers who use this to drive massive traffic to their website or blog. What you need to do is to take a look through high hitting YouTube videos, say 30,000 views per month and make contact with the owner of the video, and then buy or rent that video from them, putting your website or blog link at the bottom of their video…

Simple and can be very effective and if your lucky, can be a very cost effective method of getting exposure.

Make sure you are putting your full referral link URL at the bottom.

Build your PERSONAL team as big as you can.

We look forward to helping you build a Global team,

a team that will reach around the world

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