7 Best Tips To Get More Done

7 tips to get more done

Below are 7 tips that I have compiled that will help you to be more productive, produce better results and ultimately get more done in your Blogging or other online business


If you’re anything like me and you’re trying to get more things done during the day, then organization should be your main focus. When you’re organized, you will learn that (amazingly) things just seem to run much smoother. Whether it’s with your belongings or with your daily schedule, you seriously need to make sure that things are organized.

Time Management

When you manage your time correctly, you will get more things done, believe it or not, it really is that simple. This means that you should make use of every hour of the day and try your best to stay productive at all times.

Planning your day will help with time management even if it requires you to plot what you will need to do each hour on a piece of paper as this will help you to aim to stick to your plan.


While you’re working, you will need to try to remain focused at all times (it’s not easy to start with but after some time it becomes easier to ignore Facebook notifications and the like). Remember that you do not want to waste any time (in any business, time = money) and it is important to try your best to not distracted by little things like the internet and other minor distractions.


Whether you believe it or not, nutrition is something very crucial towards your focus throughout the day. An unhealthy diet will lead to an up and down day that will lead to less focus, This is documented everywhere on the internet with studies into the effects of the lack of nutrition. If you are able to eat a healthy diet, you will see an increase in your focus and productivity. There is no better place to look than at your children (if you have any) or a friends child, when they dont eat properly, they lack focus at school and this then leads on to further issues, so eat properly


(this is my Achilles heel) Getting enough sleep is important not only for your business but for your health. 8 hours a day should be the minimum sleep you should aim for (if you can). If you happen to feel tired during the day, then a 15 minute nap will have you up and ready in no time.

Your nutrition will help here as well as lack of the proper nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc will lead to lethargy and will adversely affect your productivity.


Although most of us bloggers live on caffeine and a decent nights sleep, both, if not careful, can actually have the reverse effect on your business. A “power nap” (as they are sometimes called) during the day if you feel tired, will help you to recoup some of the energy you have lost. Writing with energy will actually show through to your readers as your brain works harder and you use different language when you are energetic than if you are lethargic. You will also be able to get an energy boost from caffeine although to much caffeine is detrimental to your health, so be cautious with the amount of caffeine you are taking in and if you feel the coffee is not working, then take a power nap. You should also remember that you do not want to take caffeine in the hours before you go to bed to sleep as it can stop you from getting a good night of sleep.

Taking a Break

Sometimes working too hard can wear you down, you can make yourself over tired which will affect your quality of sleep and you can also get frustrated and lack energy, which as explained above, will show through in your blog posts via the different language used. This can have a severe detrimental effect on your blog readers and so sometimes you will simply need to just take a break. Be it a walk around the park or a chat with a family member or friend, clearing your mind through a break will help you to see more clearly and will allow you to get more things get done in the future. Take a break and you will then be back to work with a new sense of motivation.

I hope these 7 tips to get more done have been of some use to you and will help you to become a better, more productive blogger or home business owner.

We all want to get more done each and every day, in fact most people want to get more and more done as each day passes, there is only so much we can do in a single day but these tips will help you to achieve your goal.

If you have any other tips please let us know in the comments below.

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