More Fans To Your Facebook Fan Page

When it comes to advertising and marketing online, there is nothing quite like having a Facebook fan page that has a lot of fans. (my own Facebook fan page is very new and as I am currently working on the business rather than the fan count, its a slow generic growth process rather than an aggressive marketing campaign to grow my fan base)

Facebook fans will make your company look very trusted and it is a great way to draw in more potential customers, this is called “Social Proof”.

Most people will admit that they will often go towards companies that have a Facebook Fan Page with more fans because they feel like it is a great way to determine if they are a trusted brand or company however what many people fail to remember is that EVERY Facebook Fan Page has to start somewhere so at some point in history every fan you page you see had less than 10 fans.

If you are looking to learn how to get more Facebook fans, then taking these two things into consideration will help you do just that.

Make Contests

Facebook contest

This is a strategy that has helped other companies that are trying to get more fans. These contests will help you stay connected with your fans and to create a relationship that will help build your online presence.

You can give away little items like t-shirts or you can even give people discounts. The only thing that they will need to do is share your Facebook page and to tag a photo to your fan page. This causes their friends and family to see your page and thus gaining more fans.

This is a great strategy as, although you might have to spend a few dollars on a T-shirt or other item, the long term effects of having more fans can be worth much more than what you might be spending.

Use Other Sites

social media platforms

Do not just focus on Facebook as this is not the best strategy for internet marketing. You will need to go over to websites like Twitter or Instagram, among many others, as these lead to a different source of traffic. You will then need to post about your Facebook fan page and have people join you on Facebook as well. Most people are members on both social networks and so it is a good idea to target them on both sides.

Cross marketing between multiple social media accounts works really well as some people prefer other social media platform and due to that, may not see your page being promoted on the single platform and if you can use other social media platforms to promote your competition on Facebook, then this will work even better than simply promoting your fan page alone.

These are just 2 really simple ways to get more Facebook fans and to really increase your overall presence on the internet. Do these two things and you will start to see a big increase of fans on Facebook.

If you have any experiences building your fan base, let us know in the comments below.

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