You may well be wondering what is going on here, the last time you came here the site would have looked completely different, in fact its now unrecognizable from the old site.

There is a good reason for that, let me explain…

When I started out in Internet Marketing some years ago, I needed a basic site to post my content, updates and news, the old site did exactly what I needed for the time I had it.

However, over the past 12 months or so, I have been working on a personal project, a business which has come from my love of Internet Marketing and helping people.

I have grown quite a following and made some fantastic contacts and its those people who have geared me on to develop a platform that everyone will be able to use in order to increase their potential in the Internet Marketing Niche.

Some of my closest contacts already know what this is as I have needed their input so that I can tailor the platform to be accessible by everyone at every stage in their Marketing career.

The platform will be called “Earn Like A Pro” and it seemed the right thing to do, to get people used to the name now, and so, although this domain is still www.tlkuk.co.uk, the site is now called Earn Like A Pro and while I am continuing to develop the platform, I will be using this domain to share content still.

At the right time, the domain name servers will be changed to point to the earnlikeapro domain.

I am really excited about what we have in store not just for myself but the potential it has to help so many people become more successful online (even those who are already well established will be able to utilize the platform to great benefit)

I hope you will stick with us on this journey and I hope that our content is still relevant and helpful.

You should have received an email from our email software asking you to confirm you are happy to continue receiving emails from us, this is a legal requirement due to the European GDPR rules that are coming into effect.

Please click the link, it will automatically confirm your acceptance to continue receiving emails from us.

Thank you for your loyalty to the site and I hope to be able to bring some good news real soon.

Please note that many of the articles that were posted have now gone, as I have completed some house keeping but I will be continuing to post content that I hope is helpful to you while we are still working on our other project.

As always, here is to your continued success

Daniel Elliott
Founder and CEO of Earnlikeapro LTD

We love to hear your views, Please leave a comment.

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