The First Full icoinpro Review

Hi and thank you for coming to check out this, the first FULL iCoinPro review. I call this the first FULL iCoinPro review because as far as I am aware most people have only created very short and simple reviews at this point (which is less than 24 hours since the launch of iCoinPro) Those […]

ClickIntensity PayPal

Clickintensity adpack with Paypal

Lots of people are still unsure of how to make purchase of Adpacks using Paypal through Click Intensity, in fact many people are not even aware that Paypal can be used to purchase adpacks in Click Intensity. After the fiasco with other rev share sites, Click Intensity thought long and hard about how to learn […]

Click Intensity Text Ad Tracking

Hi guys I have just published a new video on YouTube regarding the Text ad exchange on Click Intensity. There are constant posts in the Click Intensity Facebook group regarding peoples text ads NOT being viewed, when the actual problem is people NOT keeping up to date on site optimizations and updates. The Text ad […]

Click intensity Income Calculator

OK, Guys, welcome back and thanks for coming 🙂 I have spent the past few days putting together the Click Intensity Income Calculator for the FREE use of everyone. This is NOT to be passed on in exchange for any kind of payment it is a Help Tool and we are all here to help […]