The First Full icoinpro Review

Hi and thank you for coming to check out this, the first FULL iCoinPro review. I call this the first FULL iCoinPro review because as far as I am aware most people have only created very short and simple reviews at this point (which is less than 24 hours since the launch of iCoinPro) Those […]


Something Big Is Coming

Making room for progress Please note that if you are not already registered with us through this site, you can register still using the form to your right and will automatically be registered for updates regarding our future site and business opportunity. After some time running the Traffic  Link King website, offering tools, support and […]

Click Intensity scam

Click Intensity Scam The Evidence

Anyone who follows me on social media or through this site, will know that over the past year I have done a lot of work for Click Intensity, I created the Income Calculator, the FAQ file and also a quick start guide, in fact many people have created their own websites based on my content […]

Click Intensity KYC Security Update

Well guys, we knew it was coming and earlier today it arrived, After much hard work by the Tech team behind Click Intensity, the KYC security process has been implemented. If you don’t know what KYC is, it stands for Know Your Customers, Basically it is an advanced level of security to help prevent against […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Compliance Update 071616

A new update today released by Nick Johnson, CEO of Click Intensity regarding account and site security and compliance. If you are already a member then this is very important in order to continue using your accounts and if your NOT yet a member then this is just another reason why you should join Click […]

Traffic Monsoon Update 070716

Charles Scoville released an update today about some changes that have just been implemented with Traffic Monsoon. Now, In my OWN personal opinion, I am still to see if this is going to be a good thing for Traffic Monsoon. You see Traffic Monsoon is ultimately a traffic exchange website, I use TM to drive […]

ClickIntensity Update 062716

We have just been informed of some amazing updates that are going on behind the scenes on Click Intensity not least the introduction of Gold coin tasks. If your unsure what Gold coin tasks are , they are tasks that FREE members can complete in order to earn gold coins which can then go on […]

Click Intensity Update Review

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Guys, There are so many people who are still sitting on the fence about joining what I believe really is the #1 Online Business Opportunity for 2016/17. It is so frustrating knowing that so many people are not taking action and getting involved because they really are leaving money on the table and its money […]

ClickIntensity PayPal

ClickIntensity PayPal Update 060916

More great news for the new and prospective users of Click Intensity today, Nick Johnson CEO of Click Intensity has just released a very short but very welcome update on the Click Intensity Facebook Group Page, and it goes as follows: PayPal Daily Limits Increased To $150/Day Now i.e now you can purchase up to […]

Act Fast Click Intensity Sponsor Change 060516

Are you registered on Click intensity? Have you registered under “cicompany” (you can check by logging into your account and in the top right corner of the page, click on your username and then click on “Sponsor Details”, this will bring a popup into view that looks like the image below and will have your […]

Newsletter Subscription Update

Hi all, You my have noticed that you have received an email suggesting that you have “Just subscribed” to the Traffic Link King site, This is NOT an error and IS from us. We have been working in the background to make the site more user friendly and this has meant migrating subscribers from one […]

Members Area

Traffic Link King New Members Area Hi Guys, Just a very quick but very important update. We have now implemented a members / non members website, This means that although there are and is lots of information for regular visitors to our site, We have now locked away some of the areas that into a […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 051816

Click Intensity Facebook Update 051816 Currently Our Tech crew is working on 5 optimizations – Stay Tuned 1 Internal messaging System 2.Credit Pack Progress And Expiry Status 3.More Email Notifications For Other Activities 4.Text Advertising Timers 5.Few Reports To Show You More Breakup Of Exact Revenues Earned Etc Should be all done in this week…… […]

Click Intensity Payment Processors

Click Intensity Facebook Update 042816

Click Intensity Facebook Update 042816 Great news today from Click Intensity Facebook Group and Nick Johnson… Update ——- 1) Most Of Pending Advcash Withdrawal Requests Have Been Processed and for next few weeks as we are monitoring the withdrawal requests very closely – All Advcash requests will be processed once a day 2) Few of […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 042316

Click Intensity Facebook Update 042316 Important Update Folks – Sit Back , Relax And Enjoy The Long Read – Sharing This With All of You So You Know What It Takes To Build A Billion $$$ Company And Also That Our Tech Team , Legal And Finance Team Is Always On The Job And Taking […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 041816

Sorry it is a couple of days late but I have been busy building my empire 😛 Here is a great update from Click Intensity CEO Mr Nick Johnson regarding Payza (an update MANY people have been waiting to see… Massive Massive Updates Folks : 1) Payza Instant Withdrawls Are Live  🙂 I know everyone […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 041716

Just a short update today from Mr Nick Johnson, CEO of Click Intensity, But an important update nonetheless especially for those who are looking for more payment methods Today’s 1 % Daily Improvement Update : =========================== Solid Trust Pay ( STP) Is Fully LIVE Now For Purchasing Gold Coins . I know a lot of […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 041416

Important Update For Anyone Who Is Using PayPal To Make The Payments And trying To Cheat The System By Creating Dispute In PayPal and then also trying to withdraw the gold coin issued Your ID Will be Blocked Asap without any notice and your IP Address will also be banned for business in future with […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 100416

  Massive Update Folks – Advcash Withdrawals Are Instant Now -:) From The Time You Press The Withdraw Button , It Takes Less Than 60 Seconds For The Entire Process To Get Completed And For The Money To Show Up In Your Advcash Ewallet ! Note : Advcash works awesome for pretty much rest of […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 040316

Click Intensity Facebook Update 040316 Wow – Looks Like Our Competitors Are Already Getting Jealous Of Us  😛 Major hacking attempt today but all nullified by our awesome tech team ! Long Live Click Intensity ! Looking forward for the exciting week ahead with so many optimizations about to happen ! If we sit and […]

Big News Click Intensity Payza Now Accepted

Click Intensity Payza Integration Massive news here on Click Intensity guys, After some initial issues with the “Payza” checks into Click Intensity, They have now signed it off and it is now available as a payment option. This in itself is going to make it so much easier for many of you to fund your […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 033016

Another update by our CEO Mr Nick Johnson addressing some of the questions being asked in the Facebook Group, Its great to see the Owner getting so involved personally with the users of the platform, a lot of programs have “the face of” and owners keep at a distance, This is just one of the […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 032916

An Important update regarding Click Intensity published on Facebook today. Definitely worth your time to read. Hey Folks Here are few major updates you need to know asap 1) We just processed our first commission run and it’s LIVE NOW. If you have taken the effort to build your teams during pre-launch and they have […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 032716

Click Intensity Facebook Update 032716 This Is Crazy And Unbelievable – I have never seen this momentum any where in my entire life ! Folks You guys have forced us to go for second server upgrade in less than 12 hours as our server upgrade 12 hours back is no longer enough to handle this […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook update 2 032516

Few More Important Updates 1) Guys Our back and forth correspondence with Payza/STP is still taking time and I can’t promise that they will be up by 27th as it’s a third party and not on our hands ! Payzer’s merchant risk department is doing a thorough analysis of our business model and member’s area […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Facebook Update 032516

A Click Intensity Facebook Update message from our CEO, Mr Nick Johnson Hope You All Liked my first video on YouTube  😛 Let’s get back to being busy ! Too much happening everywhere – We are on track to be a billion $$ company in next 12-24 months ! Keep it up all of you […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click intensity Facebook Update 032316

Hi Guys / Gals – Important Update To streamline the payments globally , we have decided on 3 modes of global payment to start with 1) Bitcoin – 0 % Transaction Fees ! No matter which country in the world you are , you can create a Free Bitcoin Wallet at ==>> or ==>> […]

Click Intensity Update Review

Click Intensity Launch Update (15-03-16)

A Click Intensity Launch Update (15-03-16) Hi guys thanks for stopping by to find out whats happening with this Click Intensity launch update. Nick Johnson has just given a very details update post on the Click Intensity Facebook Group now rather than type it all out, I have copied and pasted it in it entirety […]