Downline Builder

When you have online business opportunities you are constantly looking for ways to increase your down line, lets face it, we can earn great money doing it alone but with referrals in our down line, we can massively increase our earning potential.

It is such a pain AND can be expensive and time consuming promoting several links to your business opportunities. I myself have several opportunities that I promote but it so much easier promoting just 1 or 2 links in order to actually promote potentially an unlimited number of opportunities.

Well now you can promote ALL of your opportunities with just 1 or 2 links.

I have been using the Revenue Share Pipeline (RSP) which has worked amazingly well for me, however the RSP allows only 3-4 pre built in business opportunities. Now this is not a bad thing if your only involved in a couple of business ops but now we have access to The Online Prosperity Network (OPN), a brand new way of promoting ALL of our business opportunities with just 1 single link.

Not only will you get to promote and build your down lines but with the OPN you will also be able to earn additional income from using this platform too, which, lets face it, is why were all involved in online business.

This OPN is in pre launch at the moment (30th May 2016) but is open to FREE registration so that we can start building the system with members so that when the launch happens we will already be in a great place to start earning that additional income.

Find out more on each platform by clicking one of the links below

Online Prosperity Network

Revenue Share Pipeline