Reverse Commissions Scam Review

The Reverse Commissions scam review is a must read for anyone looking to join.

OK, first and foremost let me say sorry for the lack of updates recently, things have been pretty hectic and as I am the only admin of this site sometimes I get a little lost and have to take a step back to compose myself and re-group.

Luckily I seem to have done this at the right time because I am really excited to bring to you this Reverse Commissions Scam Review, please read to the bottom of this post as there is something there for you that I think you wouldn’t want to miss..

Before I get into any details about the Reverse Commissions Scam Review, many people, recently would have become foul of the happenings with some online businesses, Now this article is not about those business and so for that reason I am not naming them here, However lots of people (myself included) found ourselves out of pocket either because the pay dates had been changed, payout are slow or payouts have stopped completely and this brings to light a bit of a dilemma.

  • A) Do we give up, do we let these businesses become a problem for us or
  • B) Do we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, learn and move on?

I know where I am, and I sure as hell aint going to let NO business failure hold me back from where I want to be and I also have a responsibility to my team and followers to provide solutions to problems.

That is why I have been working to find a solution, a way to help alleviate the problems that people are faced with due to certain businesses not paying on time or not paying at all and i believe i have found just that.

Now don’t get me wrong, no one ever gets anything for free, not really, normally its a cost of time of money and this is no different however what is different here is that this platform IS paying and is paying in real time, instant commissions.

reverse commission payment proofsreverse commission payment proof










As you can see above.

OK so whats this business and how do I start making 100% instant commissions up to $500 a time?

reverse commissions traffic link king

Well guys Reverse Commissions is a Peer 2 Peer platform with a 2x pass up, what this means in essence is that you will need to be able to build a team or have followers that will join you (although there is a company rotator and for those who join through a link on this page, you will have exclusive access to the team rotator too which could double your chances of having people placed on your team by the company and the team) as for the pass ups, this works by passing your second and fourth paid member up to your sponsor and this encourages everyone to build a team and to work together which is why we have the 2 rotators aswell as your own sponsoring efforts to make sure that happens, this also means that every person you sponsor who builds a team will pass up to you their second and fourth paid member too, giving you MORE bang for your buck.

the company is called reverse commissions and can be found by clicking the banner below

What your doing is NOT only setting yourself up for instant and 100% commissions, but also your purchasing a product, a product that will help you to build and grow your business.

There are several levels to choose from in order to join and those are:

reverse commissions product packages

  • $25 + $5 admin fee – Starter: Personal Branding E-Course +Blogging Platform + 1 Spot in the Rotator
  • $100 + $10 admin fee- Basic: Business Automation E-Course + Autoresponder/SMS Tools + 2 Spots in the Rotator
  • $250 + $25 admin fee – Advanced: Social Media Marketing E-Course + Social Media Tools (Coming Soon) + 3 Spots in the Rotator
  • $500 + $50 admin fee – Elite: Digital E-Business + Trainings from Industry Leaders + 4 Spots in the Rotator

additional purchase information:
If you join at $100 you get $25 package free
If you join at $250 you get $100, and $25 packages free
If you join at $500 you get $250, $100, and $25 packages free

You only pay fees on the level that you join. So if you came in at $500 you would just pay the $500 + $50 admin fee and all the lower level fees are comped. BUT, if you upgraded one level at a time you will pay admin fees on each level in addition to the product packages and you will pay the full amount on that level. The previous fees will not be deducted from the level your upgrade to. Additionally for the rotator spots. You will ONLY get the spots given at your current level. So if you upgrade to the $500 you will only get 4 spots not 10.

reverse commissions traffic link king

Now I had this business put on my desk just 3 days ago and now I am receiving commissions at a steady rate, which is great because it means along with earning enough to make this business worthwhile and help fund my lifestyle, it also allows me to pay for traffic to continue building my team and helping others build theirs.

The owners of the site are very present and often appear in Facebook live from the reverse commissions Facebook group

the owners are:

Dale Payne Sizer (click this link for his FB profile)

and Calvin Harvey  (click this link for his FB profile)

the official Reverse Commissions Facebook group can be found HERE

The Clincher

I never recommend joining a business if it means that you will leave yourself short or struggling and so I am prepared to help out.

Now the Admin fee MUST be paid before you can do anything, BUT, for the next 10 people from today’s date 13th December 2016, who register and connect with me on Facebook to let me know they have found this opportunity via this blog, I will pay the product fee myself IF you join at the $25 package OR the $100 package.


  • if you pay $5 admin fee I will cover the cost of your $25 package
  • if you pay $10 admin fee I will cover the cost of your $100 package

That’s right, IF you pay the admin fee on either of those 2 products ONLY I will pay for your training product. You cant beat that deal, BUT you have to be one of the next 10 people to join using any link on this page AND you MUST connect with me on Facebook using the link at the bottom of this page, the reason I am wiling to do this for you, is because of the pass up system the platform incorporates, so your second and 4th paid referral will be passed up and so that covers the cost of the product package.

Basically that makes this an almost zero risk opportunity (the risks are minute anyway but this just makes it almost zero risk) apart from your admin fee.

reverse commissions traffic link king

With the Holiday period upon us I’m pretty sure this would be a great gift to yourself in order to earn some great money in time still to enjoy the Holiday period 🙂 and if you do celebrate Christmas then you could be looking at some extra money to spoil your loved ones.

Please remember that ANY online business has an element of risk, because the payments are made member to member, there is no company to hold your funds and so the sponsor has a responsibility to approve your payment in order to receive it and so this minimises the risks even more.

payment options including, BTC, PayPal, Payza, Stripe, STP and many more means this is practically open to anyone in any country so your income is practically limitless and is only limited by the size of your team, so promote and you will be rewarded along with the chance of getting members form the company and team rotator PLUS you will get pass ups from your team members too.

So this brings me to the end of this review about Reverse Commissions and as I say they are paying and paying well and I look forward to joining with you on my team so we can crush this and all make some incredible instant cash

reverse commissions traffic link king